The World Through My Eyes

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cout << “Hello World!”

Posted by mikenopolis on October 22, 2003

This is the first “entry” on my personal page. I never understood websites such as “MySpace” and “Friendster” it’s interesting to see people who have such a large community of friends sit in front of a computer to “chat”…Whatever happen to human interaction? Anywho. Since this is a personal blah-g, I shall use it to vent and say things society has somewhat deemed inappropriate.

I don’t intend to put much here, just random things that “anger” me, this is more of a place for me to vent, maybe I’ll go WordPress on my official domain so comments and responses can be left.

As a warning, I must tell you that I type fast…..I said fast, not accurate. I’m not trying to perfect this in any way, so typos will be EVERYWHERE! Also I have a tendency to miss the “Y” in the word “they” and the “R” in the word “your”…and I like to use quotes (” “) and … s.  I have issue okay?!?!?!

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