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Posted by mikenopolis on September 13, 2004

So school is starting in a week and I just found a full time job! It’s not a great job, but it will probably free up a lot of time for me and pay for the mortgage and bills. It’s a graveyard shift at a mortgage company called QLF located in Irvine, CA. I will be working as a phone operator (not by choice, my school schedule prevents traditional working hours and positions) from 10:00pm – 7:00am Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the Weekends, I have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This works out PERFECTLY! Even better, this office is literally across the street from my girlfriend’s apartment. The interview was great, the office was very beautiful, big and professional (I’m used to working with a bunch of IT guys all over the place or Lifeguards), I was told that I have a great personality for the company and that they will give me a call yay or nay today, the interview was at 11:00am, I got the job offer at 1:20pm! I’m excited…and scared…if I would get along with the people working the phones.

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