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Posted by mikenopolis on November 5, 2004

Lots has happened since I started working at this QLF in September of 2004. I have had a blast working at an actual corporate environment. I was actually fired for a few hours because the owner (a casual surfer looking dude with cut-up denims, t-shirt and dirty looking shoulder length hair) decided to end the graveyard shift the week I started working. I got a call a few hours later and was offered a day time shift that would work around my class schedule.

Right now, I’m just working hard and trying to get noticed so maybe I can move up to something more challenging than picking up 100 calls an hour saying the same lines over and over again. The people I work with are mostly pretty unmotivated and happy where they are but there are 3 that I really like and are more like me and are current UCI students. B.P. is an ICS major,  D.P. is a Biology major who really should be in computer science with his knowledge, and lastly S.N. is a Psych major…what a coincidence! both my majors and minors in the same room!

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