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My New Job

Posted by mikenopolis on January 1, 2005

So far in the last three months, I have really enjoyed working at this mortgage company, people are nice, the office environment is young and friendly, yet professional most of the time.

I have made many friends and a few enemies. The friends are the ones who are currently doing this job part-time and going to school at U.C. Irvine full-time. The enemies? Fat uneducated single ass-clowns with babies.

Why does it seem that the more stupid a person is the more kids they have?!?! Specifically, this girl I work with named Cristal ,three kids and is the laziest fucktard I have ever met. Our job is to pick up the phone, read out one sentence script: “Thank you for choosing Quick Loan Funding, how may I direct your call” wait for the caller’s direction, say “It would be my pleasure to transfer you Sir/Ma’am” forward call to the appropriate person/department.

The time it takes me to start a call and end the call is about 10-15 seconds, that’s usually all it takes. We have log file where we input EVERY call we get throughout the day. Not to brag, but I work pretty fast (really, should this really even be a job?) and average 50-54% of the total daily calls everyday when I work with the “enemies” (When I work with the friends, we are all about the same) this girl gets about 3% of the calls. I would sit there picking up calls after calls after call, she would just sit there chatting on AIM! I still remember the first month I had to work weekends with her when I was fresh spanking new..She is a trailer trash biatch! 3 kids and still goes clubbin’.

Here’s a chat session of two other girls talking about her

(Cathy is our “supervisor”aka Cristal’s friend)

jennmaeboyd : why do they always have to go together? cristal had to pee, but why did cathy go knowing me and lisa arent supposed to answer the phone
jennmaeboyd : and cathy left again
pj: i know
pj: theyre stupid
jennmaeboyd : damn we need to start actually leaving on our lunch
pj: they should know that theyre at work
pj: not in school
jennmaeboyd : yep
jennmaeboyd : did cristal hear me when i left? did she say anything abou it
pj: nope
pj: what did yo say
pj: they were busy talkin about penny
jennmaeboyd : did you hear me when cristal said “what did penny do?”
pj: no
jennmaeboyd : i was messing with cristal and i said “she got your number and is gonna rob you” and she gave me a dirty look and i said “damn people all in a bad mood in here today” and closed the door and left
pj: she didnt say anything
jennmaeboyd : im so over her adn her immature acts. she always leaves and shit
pj: she was busy listening to lisa
jennmaeboyd : anything to get from answering the phones
jennmaeboyd : and when i first started she was all complaining about lesley (the old one) that she never answered the phone
pj: i think she only answers the phone that one time when they found out that we’re being rated
jennmaeboyd : i know huh
pj: yup
jennmaeboyd : damn i wish i could complain but i know they would tell cathy who it was complaining
jennmaeboyd : i wish like ribert rhodes would comlpain or somethin
jennmaeboyd : its sad when the LO’s notice it too and they arent even in here all day
pj: talk to linh one on one
pj: he wont tell
jennmaeboyd : i think he would tell erika though
pj: if you tell him first like how we dont want to tell him whats going on its because of how somebody would go tell cathy he said something
jennmaeboyd : yeah. if it continues then i will…which i see it happening
pj: wait that doesnt make sense
pj: let me rephrase it
jennmaeboyd : i understood it
jennmaeboyd : tell michael to
jennmaeboyd : and it will look worse cause he is only here for 2 days and he gets pissed then
pj: he’s really close to telling linh
jennmaeboyd : the would realize how it always is
jennmaeboyd : tell him to
pj: we do talk about it when it was just me and him
pj: and he sends me messages too
jennmaeboyd : it just pisses me off how they always leave and how they are the only ones that can go to lunch together and they leave together instead of one on one and even during peoples lunch so they have to answer the phones off the clock
jennmaeboyd : has he sent you messages today about it
pj: not yet
pj: but i know he’ll say something later
jennmaeboyd : i think cristal might have heard me, she isnt talking to me and shes answering the phone…sometimes
pj: yep sometimes
jennmaeboyd : when cathy isnt here she answers more, but other than that they talk all the time and even when we all are on calls and the phone is ringing she decides that when she has to go to the bathroom or leave for something and not answer the ringing phone
jennmaeboyd : damn we are here for like freakin 6-7 hours and then take our lunch and she comes and takes it before you, cathy and michael who all got here beforeher
jennmaeboyd : secrets secrets secrets
jennmaeboyd : lol
jennmaeboyd : i dont know about those two
jennmaeboyd : now i think cathy is leaving at 3 and she is gonna let cristal go and it only be lesley and michael on phones
jennmaeboyd : what a nice boss
pj: make yer font smaller
jennmaeboyd : lol well go to lunch
pj: you know who is right next to me
jennmaeboyd : i knwo
jennmaeboyd has signed out.

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