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More Chat Sessions

Posted by mikenopolis on January 13, 2005

As a background:I now work in both HR and the call center throughout the day and have befriended Erika (HR Generalist) and Linh (HR Manager), Oppko112 is a fellow co-worker from the call center (Phone Operator), an ICS major at UC Irvine.

Somehow HR heard about “something fishy” going on in the call center. Obviously I was the first one they grilled. I am not a snitch, I said NOTHING! But if I had my work email open to the chat session PJ sent me, took a 15 minute break forgetting to log off, does that make it my fault. I THINK NOT, company policy does say that all communications with office equipment is not private! I think I should be a lawyer!

[23:23] Oppko112: oooh
[23:23] Oppko112: how did erika see it
[23:23] Mikenopolis: she grilled it out of me……LOL
[23:23] Oppko112: what?
[23:23] Oppko112: how did you get it?
[23:24] Mikenopolis: PJ sent it to me
[23:24] Mikenopolis: yesterday
[23:24] Oppko112: ah
[23:24] Oppko112: and you mentioned it to erika
[23:24] Mikenopolis: she kept asking and asking, then russ came over and started asking without know what she wanted to know
[23:24] Mikenopolis: then Linh turned around and started asking
[23:25] Mikenopolis: “technically” I didn’t say anything….I just pointed in the direction
[23:25] Oppko112: where did you point
[23:25] Oppko112: what did she ask
[23:25] Mikenopolis: Erika wanted to have Cristal fired then, but Linh said they had to allow her one more warning first
[23:25] Oppko112: that seems kinda random that you were there and she knew there was something you knew that she wanted to know
[23:26] Mikenopolis: I was helping her with insurance and transponder stuff most of today
[23:26] Oppko112: cool
[23:26] Mikenopolis: she asked about the updates of the “situation”
[23:26] Oppko112: so where did you point?
[23:26] Oppko112: do your email where pj sent you that chat?
[23:27] Mikenopolis: repeat
[23:27] Mikenopolis: huh?
[23:27] Oppko112: where did you point? at your email where pj sent you the chat
[23:27] Mikenopolis: yeah
[23:28] Mikenopolis: Cristal started picking up call FAST! just like last time after Erika spoke to her
[23:29] Oppko112: hahaha
[23:29] Oppko112: awesome
[23:29] Oppko112: i wonder how erika explained how she got em
[23:30] Mikenopolis: erika said cristal won’t know…but she’s not THAT dumb….for her sake I seriously hope not!
[23:30] Mikenopolis: technically, it’s still not me really, it was PJ and Jenns conversaion
[23:31] Oppko112: haha
[23:31] Oppko112: well did pj/jenn know that she read it?
[23:31] Mikenopolis: not yet
[23:31] Mikenopolis: this happened after they both left (around 5:00)
[23:31] Oppko112: cathy was still there?
[23:32] Mikenopolis: that’s why I wanted to talk to steve, he was there when she came back from HR
[23:32] Oppko112: yah he mentioned what happened
[23:32] Oppko112: how cristal talked to erika
[23:32] Oppko112: and came back lookin all pissed
[23:32] Mikenopolis: Erika was talking to Cathy first, then Cathy went and took Cristal over to Penny’s old office
[23:33] Oppko112: wow
[23:33] Oppko112: you were still in HR at the time i see
[23:33] Mikenopolis: they were in there for a while and then cathy came had a talk with herout and Erika and (I believe Linh)
[23:33] Oppko112: well i bet shes thinkin its you who told on her
[23:33] Oppko112: cuz cris thought u told on her before
[23:33] Mikenopolis: her it she wants to fight it out, I’ll show her the email
[23:33] Mikenopolis: I’m not the only one with a problem with her
[23:33] Mikenopolis: It’s not as a person, it’s just her work ethics
[23:33] Oppko112: definitely
[23:34] Oppko112: yah definitely
[23:34] Oppko112: her personality — im not best friends w/it, but if we’re working in a professional environment, then fuckin do your job
[23:34] Mikenopolis: I think she probably would work okay it she sits in a room by herself with no internet/chat.cellphone
[23:34] Oppko112: haha
[23:34] Oppko112: well its like what else you gonna do?
[23:35] Mikenopolis: I have no problem with her Saturdays…because she has no one around to talk to
[23:36] Mikenopolis: Erika is so STUPID!!! gah!!!!! can’t believe she had to talk with Cristal and Erika today!!! HELLO!?!?! I was working for her half the day and she thinks that Cristal won’t think it was me?
[23:36] Mikenopolis: Duh…..
[23:36] Oppko112: yah seriously thats true
[23:37] Oppko112: so much for subtlety
[23:37] Oppko112: well how’d you pull off workin at HR?
[23:39] Mikenopolis: she just wanted me to file some info and distribut transponder apps… and file the new insurance apps stuff
[23:39] Oppko112: i mean did she ask for you, did cathy suggest you, did you ask to go?
[23:39] Mikenopolis: no, she called and asked Cathy to do it I think, but cathy got a bit sick from lunch and told me to go over there instead
[23:40] Mikenopolis: it was a good change, staring and the wall for 8hrs a day’s not exactly fun
[23:40] Oppko112: true
[23:40] Oppko112: i dont think id do hr every day
[23:41] Oppko112: i like having computer access at least
[23:41] Oppko112: but its a nice change
[23:41] Oppko112: and 8 hrs seems to go fast when you’re relatively busy the whole time
[23:41] Oppko112: in fact last shift i had in hr all day was 10 hrs
[23:41] Mikenopolis: wow, I did about 1/2hour overtime today only
[23:41] Oppko112: it was fun j/cuz im busy really
[23:42] Mikenopolis: I’m afraid to work on Saturday with cristal….alone all morning
[23:42] Oppko112: she wont say shit
[23:42] Oppko112: she might give you the evil eye
[23:42] Mikenopolis: she did last time when you talked to Erika
[23:42] Mikenopolis: she still thinks that was me

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