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Transferred to Another Department

Posted by mikenopolis on February 4, 2005

I’m movin’ on “up” at work, so after these few months of working hard and not getting into trouble, I have been recruited into a department call “Master Servicing”. This is basically a mortgage investor accounting department. I will be starting fresh with absolutly no experience but the director of the department enjoys my hard work and believes I can do well. We’ll see how this goes. Maybe this will be my career away from IT? I really need a break from the old IT work! Maybe if I was better at programming I would not be just a general IT guy, but I take FOREVER debugging my own mistakes. I love computers and helping people, but after doing it for 4 years at a UC, helping out Professors, TA, and student with dumb question. I need a break from “What is Weefee”. IT’S WHYFY (WiFi)….get it? I was asked to join into the IT department here, but I’ve hung out with them enough to know that I don’t want to help the 300+ retards on this floor. I just can’t stand annoying stupid people.

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