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Archive for March 21st, 2005

Work Update

Posted by mikenopolis on March 21, 2005

So it’s been fun working in the Master Servicing department, I have been promoted to a position called Loan Service Release Manager, basically I calculate, audit and transfer data of loans that have been purchased from our company to the investors and maintain the transfer of funds. ThereĀ are a lot more details in what I do, but I’m not going into details.

The boss, Chris Cornell (hmmm name of a rock singer?) is VERY nice, his knowledge of the mortgage industry is insane. He’s like 46 and has done this for almost 20 years. One thing that is annoying is that he talks….a lot! the guy can keep me at this desk for hours repeating the same thing again and again. But what the heck, he’s nice, and I’m learning so much from him….above all, he’s my BOSS!

I’ve never used excel more than I’m using itnow. OMG my world is turning into grids of data! I love being alive in this day in age. Chris was telling me about how they used to do this on pen & paper……1500 rows and 240 columns or data!!!

I should’ve paid more attention to database in school, it would’ve helped….I’m still thinking of making something better than this endless excel sheet thing we have going on here!

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