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Company Relocating From Irvine to Costa Mesa

Posted by mikenopolis on September 27, 2005

After many delays, our company finally up and moved to the new building in Costa Mesa (2 miles from original location) I got a window seat!!! It’s magnificent. We currently have 3 floors and they are talking about getting another one. The reason for the move was because the company decided to hire more sales staff, we had loan officers literally at fold out picnic tables in the middle of the aisles at work, it was getting ridiculous! I still think that this is just too much space. But what do I care, it’s not my money…and there’s a Starbucks right downstairs!

Master Servicing is finally in it’s own office!

My new desk! Nice View? Trying sitting there for 13 hours! (sunsets are horrible…owww my eyes)

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