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Master Servicing Department Dying Slowly

Posted by mikenopolis on December 30, 2006

A month ago, my boss Chris was terminated from Quick Loan Funding. Now a month later we are managed by the “Director of Operation” who is a guy that knows nothing about the operations on this department. He walk with his head held up high and mighty at his entire 5’1″ stature. He has cut the department from 12 employees to 4 people because of budget issues. However at no time did he ask me what the department did, how much work needs to be done, who can do what, and most importantly what can actually be accomplished in a 8 hour work day.

Right now, he has actually fired one of our employees so he can plug in one of his “own” guys from his funding department. Let me see….a guy whos job was to make sure money is there to fund a loan 8 hours a day by calling/contacting a bank rep and say “is there money now?”, versus a department of data analyst who works on spreadsheets and an Oracle database system for 10-14 hours a day. Yeah perfect fit…..MORONS!!!!

The department is now ran by myself and Brandon will be assisting me with roughly half the tasks at hand. the other staff members are more of the paper pushers and minor workers. In terms of the operations of the Master Servicing Department Brandon and I are the experts within the entire company thanks to Chris’s guidance and my “technical abilities”. It’s only a matter of time before the other two are fired/laid-off with the current sub-prime downfall, I have no back-up plan since all the companies that wanted to recruit me are all dying off.

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