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Work is Getting Easier

Posted by mikenopolis on February 27, 2007

This is crazy. The company has NO idea how much we actually have to do! I’m pulling more than 12 hour days and still behind.

It’s getting a little more manageable since we have automated many repetitive process with macros. Seriously they should give us a bigger raise than they have, we are working as 12 people here! Brandon is lazy and ALWAYS late, but he can do a lot of work in the 6 hours that he’s actually at his desk. That’s why I love working with him. He knows what he’s doing. Still annoys me that he strolls in at 11:30 and decides to leave at 4:00.¬† I guess I shouldn’t put in so much time for a company that has been reaming me.

These are my Job Descriptions, I was originally responsible for only the first one:

Loan Service Release Manager [LINK]

Investor Reporting Manager [LINK]

Cash Processing Analyst [LINK]

Loan Audit & Boarding Analyst [LINK]

REO & Default Analyst [LINK]

Repurchase & Claims Analyst [LINK]

SBO Remittance Analyst [LINK]

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