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Another Two Bites the Dust

Posted by mikenopolis on May 4, 2007

As some of you may already know, I’m currently working at a mortgage company that has gotten smaller and smaller over the past 6 months. At 11:20am today I was told that another two of the top executives have given their resignation. I keep saying to myself that I’m here to watch the show, but seriously, how long will this show go on? There has to be a point where the company is no longer operational without certain members…I guess I’ll wait and see. I have grown fond of this company and it’s almost like a family to me, if nothing else it is a home away from home, but it is still very immature and not really run like a “professional” operation. I’ve tried to be as professional as possible, but when you work with kids, sometimes you have to treat them like kids.

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