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My Last Official Day?

Posted by mikenopolis on August 14, 2007

Ok, we just spoke with the president of the company, we are now both “laid-off” and will be drafting a contract to both work for the company as consultants, we will be paid a little less, but are not even require to show up to work, just get the job done on time. Sweet deal, but I’m sensing something not quite right.

As most people know, during this time (3rd & 4th quarter of 2007) the mortgage industry is not doing well at all, many of the companies I corresponded with has either thinned out the herd or closed down completely. I see the numbers everyday. I don’t think the company can pull it’s own weight for that much longer…I do wonder why I didn’t leave when I had handful of jobs lined up for me, I’m like one of the very few here that has college education. Not that everyone is dumb, but too many are.

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