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YouTube – LonelyGirl15

Posted by mikenopolis on October 22, 2007

I have always been a fan of YouTube but in the past two days, I’ve been on it A LOT because I don’t have much work obligations. I have run into a few channels that I truly enjoy it is from a user LONELYGIRL15. I watched the video that showed up as the “featured video” on the homepage and it was pretty good. So digging deeper, I started watching from the 1st video which was of a teenage girl video blogging on YouTube. At first is was pretty stupid and boring because the dizzy girl was just going on about her life and stuff. it didn’t get interesting until like the 13th video when you learn that her family is from a cult…..

Anyway, go watch it from the beginning, remember it’s all fictional, but they made it soooo believable!

Here’s their “Season 1 Recap” Video, it’s pretty amazing for a YouTube production

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