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Motivational Speakers, Seminars and Morons

Posted by mikenopolis on October 24, 2007

I recently attended a seminar which was paid for by the owner of my previous employer. The only reason I went was because of the deep discount (the employees actually had to pay $100 for the $400 General Admissions, and $200 for the $750 VIP Admissions). Now I’ve been to many seminars and workshops in the past few year, many of them were for updates on programming and software applications. This however was more of a Motivational Presentation.

I’m not sure what Motivational Speakers do when they get home at night. I imagine them having a get-together counting their money and laughing at us.

I sat there for 7 hrs (8 hours with lunch break) listening to the speaker (she was trained by Tony Robbins) basically telling me that if you believe it, it will come. If you want it to happen enough it will come true. LADY! I don’t know how you get your mortgage paid, but Bank of America expects CASH of CHECK (good checks that is!) I can dream all day long, I’m still going to have to hand it over.

Ok, so that was a bad analogy. But really come on! It was like watching 7 hours of infomercials! And it was because she was like the people you see on TV…”Because I want to thank you for being here today, I would like to offer the first 20 people who registers for the other seminar $50 off!”(you know like the TV ad saying “…but that’s not all, if you call now, we will also throw in…”)

Don’t get me wrong, She was a GREAT SPEAKER, but talk about over stating the obvious. “If you are honest to your clients, they will appreciate you and give you referrals and more business”. No DUH!!! If you don’t now that you are an idiot and motivation will not save you.

It was my fault to begin with. I somehow bought into the hype that this would make me feel better or motivate me. It didn’t and I’m not really that surprise since these types of things are aimed towards people in the Sales Industry.

***I just saw an old loan officer working for the motivational speaker! He used to be a baller with black BMW 535i rolling on 22″ Black Asanti, wearing Armani suits. Look at him now, being told over the PA “Joe, they need some of those handouts in the back, Thanks” HAHAHAHAHA…..Ok that was mean…but Ohhhhh so satisfying!***

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