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FED UP!!! Moving Out of Tustin

Posted by mikenopolis on January 1, 2008

I moved out of the house today, it was out of nowhere too! It’s not like I planned it. I just can’t take it anymore, I used my new job 50 miles away as an excuse (It’s true, but I really didn’t NEED to, I’ve commuted from home to work for many years) but the dirtiness, and the fact that the door is never locked or sometime left it opened, the not taking out of the trash for weeks, the extremely high monthly utilities, the fact that they don’t have jobs or possibly refuse to get one, and EVERYTHING is just too abnormal for me, call me obsessive-compulsive, but I need cleanliness. I’m not a germaphobe but this has just gone way too far for way too long. Here are some pictures of the room I left behind…I kept it VERY clean.

BTW: Those two Jack in the Box cups are still on the garage floor, 5 months and counting!

CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES (house I had to suffer in)

CLICK HERE FOR PICTURES (the condition I left the room)

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