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Weird Taste in Music

Posted by mikenopolis on February 24, 2008

I have an XM radio in my car and I’m usually tuned to the 20on20 station where the top 20 hits are played over and over and over again. I found two songs I really liked:

1.) Paramore – Misery Business

2.) Taylor Swift – Teardrops on my Guitar

I realized that my taste in music really changed in the last 4 years. I’m really into checking up on everything I come upon on Wikipedia, the band Paramore (Rock) and Taylor Swift (Country) are from Tennessee! It’s funny how many musical talents are from that state! I wish Rap and Hip-Hop will get better…when the song is actually a life story, what we have now are songs with made up words, a songs about how big their rims are or how nice their “chains” are, soooooo tired of this.

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