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Just Do Your Deed and Get The Hell OUT!!!

Posted by mikenopolis on April 4, 2008

We had a “Pizza Party/Lunch” at work today…the President of the company decided to play a little “game” as he does at each of these company gatherings.

The prize was $5.00 and question was: “What is the #1 rule of the company?” the answer is: “Don’t leave newspaper in the bathroom”.

A few of us asked him if there were newspapers in the bathroom…he replied “It’s just a random question for the game, just like this random company paid lunch”

Look what I found when I went to wash my hands after the pizza!

I understand that it may take a little longer going #2, and maybe reading material is “entertaining” but come on! Throw it away!…at least whoever is doing this is leaving it in there instead of taking it back to the break room…Ewwwwww!

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