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Santee Alley, Los Angeles, California

Posted by mikenopolis on April 6, 2008

Once in a while I like to head over to “Santee Alley” in the heart of Los Angeles (near Olympic and Los Angeles Street) it’s a busy place where you can buy a trunk load of stuff for $50!, I was looking for a few new caps which you can get for like $3, I’m pretty sure they make them “illegally” like not getting permission from the Anaheim Angels to put the “A” on the cap, but I didn’t care, just need something cheap to cover up my bed hair once in a while.

This is what the crowded “Alley” looks like with all the people looking for bargains. Make sure you look at the floor when you walk, there are always weird dirty puddles!

I guess it was my lucky day! I actually saw a few sellers get arrested!!! All their money and merchandises were confiscated, I guess that’s what you get for selling pirated DVDs, CDs, Counterfeit Purses, Sunglasses and Watches! Seriously, it’s weird that this doesn’t happen all the time considering how much illegal things are sold here! It’s funny how much business they get, majority of the time, I look at the stuff they sell and I just can’t believe people would buy such cheaply made fakes. Example: a fake Gucci purse that looks like a child of a Guess purse and a Coach purse.

While I was in the area, I decided to get a Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog from the street vendor…Keep in mind, eat this stuff at your own risk, make sure you get a fully cooked one! This guy doesn’t make his too good, and I totally forgot to ask him to add everything on it (Onions, Bell Peppers, Relish, etc…)

One Response to “Santee Alley, Los Angeles, California”

  1. Ana said

    I can’t believe you actually got a Bacon Dog! I’ve always kind of wanted one but seeing as how I’m afraid of the street meats and I hate bacon, I’ve never taken the plunge.
    It sucks that folks got arrested but I guess that’s the risk you take when you’re doing illegal shit.

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