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Should Journalists be Allowed to Speak Their Mind?

Posted by mikenopolis on April 17, 2008

The greatest thing about the US governement is that we are given the freedom of speech, but sometimes I think that right needs to be take away from idiots. CNN’s anchor Jack Cafferty said something VERY stupid. It’s one thing to be racist in your head or in public if you are not in the media, it’s a whole different thing when you are a journalist, on a TV show and want to continue with your career….read on


CNN apologizes for China misunderstanding
Anita Chang, Associated Press via USA Today, April 16, 2008

 On April 15, China’s foreign ministry demanded an apology from CNN. On April 9, CNN anchor Jack Cafferty had said that Chinese were a “bunch of goons and thugs.” On April 16, CNN said that Cafferty was referring to the Chinese government and not the Chinese people. CNN had already been criticized for its China coverage. In its statement, CNN noted that Cafferty was known for being outspoken and that he’d often criticized the American government.

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