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Inconsiderate People in Public

Posted by mikenopolis on May 30, 2008

So I was at a warehouse store (Costco) a few days ago, I just need to get a bag of charcoal for our Memorial Day barbecue, I ended up following these people for about 6 aisles.

One was pushing a stroller, the other a cart, they walked side by side as slow as an electric wheel chair with no batteries. WTF?!?!? I followed them for about 6 aisles and overheard them talking about the clubs they plan to hit that night. HELLO?!?!? you have a child!?!?! And more importantly, where are you going to find anything to hide that huge butt?!?!?. Can you tell I’m pissed off? I see people like this all the time!. Why can’t people be more considerate, these two people are taking up the entire lane chatting it up! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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Hit & Run Part 4? – Still Some Decent People Out There

Posted by mikenopolis on May 15, 2008

We found a note on the windshield of my girlfriend’s car this morning, we were scared that the driver actually found her car, luckily it wasn’t. Here’s the note:

WOW!, I do wonder where this eye witness was when we were talking to the cops 3 days ago. Oh well, everything seems to be going in a positive direction thus far. If not, this will come in handy.

Thank you mysterious neighbor!

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Hit & Run Incident Part 3/3 – Karma is a Biatch!

Posted by mikenopolis on May 13, 2008

OMG! my girlfriend got a call from the Dial-A-Ride supervisor this afternoon. Here’s a short summary of the conversation:

Supervisor: “Is your bumper black?”

G/F: “no but the missing side panel is black.”

Super: “I have the panel on my desk right now.”

G/F: “What?!?! really? you found it?”

Super: “I’m really sorry this happened”

G/F: “Did you find out who hit my car?”

Super: “Yes, she will be terminated”

G/F: “Ohhhhh (guiltily)”

Super: “No! don’t even feel bad for her! This is unacceptable!”

So yup! the person has been caught black bumpered! (you know….like caught red handed? but black bumper?…never mind). Apparently the maintenance crew checks the vans every night back in their yard, the bumper was stuck in the van’s bumper. It was written in their log, but the supervisors weren’t notified like they were supposed to (we were told that disciplinary actions will be taken on their part too).

Later that day, the supervisor and a lady from their lost mitigation department met up with my girlfriend to write out a written report and took pictures of the car. Their jaws dropped when they saw the amount of damage. The driver denied ever hitting a car. How could you rip of the bumper and side panel off a car and not feel anything? Worst yet, she took the side panel with her! When they terminated her, she asked to have the address where the incident happened. Are you kidding me?!?!? Luckily the supervisor didn’t give out the address.

They are paying for 100% of the damages and we no longer need to fork out the $1000 deductible to get it fixed through the insurance company! yay!

So does this mean the drive didn’t know she ripped apart someone’s car? or she just hit so many she wanted know which one got her fired? My girlfriend says that her car getting hit was all part of a bigger picture, maybe it was just a way to get this person off the streets.

And lets not forget why this blog entry started. Why are we doing the polices’ job? They all work for the city, they should have been able to check this themselves!

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Advertising Nightmare

Posted by mikenopolis on May 12, 2008

I went to an Asian Supermarket today because I needed a “Vietnamese Coffee Filter” that’s hard to find. long story short I saw this hanging in one of the aisles and wanted to throw up.

It’s a display for shower caps. I assume this product is from Japan since that’s the writing on the packaging. Sorry for the crappy pictures taken by my phone, but the point is that the woman “model” is extremely unattractive. Her lipstick was applied wrong (on her teeth), she had black gums and very stained teeth. I had once thought about getting into the advertising industry. I know I can do a much better job that this person!!!

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Hit & Run Incident Part 2/3 – The Hunt is On!

Posted by mikenopolis on May 12, 2008

I totally forgot I had to work, so I asked my mother to ask the neighbors to see if any of them used a senior Ride-A-Ride Van/Truck yesterday.

I got a call at around 9:30am. It turns out that my next door neighbor used one at around 1:00pm. We got the number and tracked down a Dial-A-Ride supervisor. She was super nice and got our address and said she would check the log to see who drove through the area at that time and will check on those vans.

Looks like we would have to wait until tomorrow because all the vans return to the station at 6:30pm. I’m just hoping that we are following the right trail….once again, isn’t this something the cops should be doing?

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Hit & Run Incident Part 1/3 – Who’s really getting our TAX dollars?

Posted by mikenopolis on May 11, 2008

As we were getting ready to go out for mother’s day dinner , my girlfriend discovered that her two month old car had it’s bumper and side panel ripped off in front of my house, the bumper was on the ground but the side panel was nowhere in sight. I walked the dog at around 12 noon, and the car was fine then, but four hours later, the horror that used to be a beautiful new car stared back into our faces.

After a few minutes of “OH MY GOD!” and “WTF?!?!?!?”, we realized that it was a hit and run from an inconsiderate person and the local police were called. Two arrived, both parked smack in the middle of the street…there were a billion curb side parking, but they had to park so that everyone who drove past needed to edge their way through. Their visit was short, they were unable to do anything because no one saw anything, no person, no license plate…nothing. “Here’s an event number” said one cop after jotting down the date, time, license plate number, and address on a paper no bigger than a gum wrapper. What?!? No case number? No investigation? I watch CSI (all of them) for years. Whip out a camera! walk down the street to see if one of the cars on the street hit me, knock on the neighbor’s door to ask if they saw anything….just do something beside giving us a gum wrapper!

While our tax dollars were at work (a.k.a Paying for these two egotistical meat heads not to do anything). A small crowd of neighbors started to gather and stare. I love how cops are always causing traffic (who drives 65MPH besides a big truck anyway?!?). After the cops left and the crowd went back into their homes or out to their mother’s day gatherings. One of the neighbors from across the street approached us. I’ll call him “the smoking man” I only see him outside when he smokes. He told us that he had heard what sounded like a car collision earlier that day and ran to his window to see a Dial-A-Ride Van/Truck right next to the my girlfriend’s car pulling away. Calling the police department with this update did not help since no one know the name of the driver, nor had their license plate number. Really?!?!? Once again, I watch CSI…If they can find a killer who had fled to another country because he left an eyelash behind, they should be able to find a dented van at where ever they park them!

I’ll be knocking on some doors tomorrow to see who used a Dial-A-Hit&Run-Ride today to see what company they used. If by some miracle I pull this off. I’m opening up my own police department! I know some people who actually want to be police officer for the right reasons and will do it right!

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May 1st 2008 – RSS Awareness Day

Posted by mikenopolis on May 1, 2008

I did not know this, until my RSS told me so…If you don’t know what RSS is, check out this site.

All I have to say is that if it wasn’t for RSS, I would still be trying to remember the URLs for all the blogs, the news and publications I use daily. It’s a must have tool for people who read these things!

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