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Hit & Run Incident Part 1/3 – Who’s really getting our TAX dollars?

Posted by mikenopolis on May 11, 2008

As we were getting ready to go out for mother’s day dinner , my girlfriend discovered that her two month old car had it’s bumper and side panel ripped off in front of my house, the bumper was on the ground but the side panel was nowhere in sight. I walked the dog at around 12 noon, and the car was fine then, but four hours later, the horror that used to be a beautiful new car stared back into our faces.

After a few minutes of “OH MY GOD!” and “WTF?!?!?!?”, we realized that it was a hit and run from an inconsiderate person and the local police were called. Two arrived, both parked smack in the middle of the street…there were a billion curb side parking, but they had to park so that everyone who drove past needed to edge their way through. Their visit was short, they were unable to do anything because no one saw anything, no person, no license plate…nothing. “Here’s an event number” said one cop after jotting down the date, time, license plate number, and address on a paper no bigger than a gum wrapper. What?!? No case number? No investigation? I watch CSI (all of them) for years. Whip out a camera! walk down the street to see if one of the cars on the street hit me, knock on the neighbor’s door to ask if they saw anything….just do something beside giving us a gum wrapper!

While our tax dollars were at work (a.k.a Paying for these two egotistical meat heads not to do anything). A small crowd of neighbors started to gather and stare. I love how cops are always causing traffic (who drives 65MPH besides a big truck anyway?!?). After the cops left and the crowd went back into their homes or out to their mother’s day gatherings. One of the neighbors from across the street approached us. I’ll call him “the smoking man” I only see him outside when he smokes. He told us that he had heard what sounded like a car collision earlier that day and ran to his window to see a Dial-A-Ride Van/Truck right next to the my girlfriend’s car pulling away. Calling the police department with this update did not help since no one know the name of the driver, nor had their license plate number. Really?!?!? Once again, I watch CSI…If they can find a killer who had fled to another country because he left an eyelash behind, they should be able to find a dented van at where ever they park them!

I’ll be knocking on some doors tomorrow to see who used a Dial-A-Hit&Run-Ride today to see what company they used. If by some miracle I pull this off. I’m opening up my own police department! I know some people who actually want to be police officer for the right reasons and will do it right!

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