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Hit & Run Incident Part 2/3 – The Hunt is On!

Posted by mikenopolis on May 12, 2008

I totally forgot I had to work, so I asked my mother to ask the neighbors to see if any of them used a senior Ride-A-Ride Van/Truck yesterday.

I got a call at around 9:30am. It turns out that my next door neighbor used one at around 1:00pm. We got the number and tracked down a Dial-A-Ride supervisor. She was super nice and got our address and said she would check the log to see who drove through the area at that time and will check on those vans.

Looks like we would have to wait until tomorrow because all the vans return to the station at 6:30pm. I’m just hoping that we are following the right trail….once again, isn’t this something the cops should be doing?

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