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Hit & Run Incident Part 3/3 – Karma is a Biatch!

Posted by mikenopolis on May 13, 2008

OMG! my girlfriend got a call from the Dial-A-Ride supervisor this afternoon. Here’s a short summary of the conversation:

Supervisor: “Is your bumper black?”

G/F: “no but the missing side panel is black.”

Super: “I have the panel on my desk right now.”

G/F: “What?!?! really? you found it?”

Super: “I’m really sorry this happened”

G/F: “Did you find out who hit my car?”

Super: “Yes, she will be terminated”

G/F: “Ohhhhh (guiltily)”

Super: “No! don’t even feel bad for her! This is unacceptable!”

So yup! the person has been caught black bumpered! (you know….like caught red handed? but black bumper?…never mind). Apparently the maintenance crew checks the vans every night back in their yard, the bumper was stuck in the van’s bumper. It was written in their log, but the supervisors weren’t notified like they were supposed to (we were told that disciplinary actions will be taken on their part too).

Later that day, the supervisor and a lady from their lost mitigation department met up with my girlfriend to write out a written report and took pictures of the car. Their jaws dropped when they saw the amount of damage. The driver denied ever hitting a car. How could you rip of the bumper and side panel off a car and not feel anything? Worst yet, she took the side panel with her! When they terminated her, she asked to have the address where the incident happened. Are you kidding me?!?!? Luckily the supervisor didn’t give out the address.

They are paying for 100% of the damages and we no longer need to fork out the $1000 deductible to get it fixed through the insurance company! yay!

So does this mean the drive didn’t know she ripped apart someone’s car? or she just hit so many she wanted know which one got her fired? My girlfriend says that her car getting hit was all part of a bigger picture, maybe it was just a way to get this person off the streets.

And lets not forget why this blog entry started. Why are we doing the polices’ job? They all work for the city, they should have been able to check this themselves!

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