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Alhambra / Monterey Park / Arcadia etc… WORST Driver Ever!!!

Posted by mikenopolis on June 4, 2008

My girlfriend and I decided to get into work a little later today (we put in so many hours each day, it really doesn’t matter) at 7:45am I remembered that it was street sweeping day and she would get a ticket if we don’t get her car off the stree (the car we use to commute to work because it has the best mileage out of the 3 cars). So I went and got the car, I was going to re-park the car on the next block, but there was no open spots. I decided to park the car in front of my garage. We live in a condo (here’s a picture of it) and there are two sides. I very strategically parked the car in a way that it would not block anyone from entering or exiting their garage.

REPEAT…I very strategically parked the car in a way that it would not block anyone from entering or exiting their garage. I really put a lot of thought into it. But the people who live directly across from me are the WORST drivers I’ve experienced with. Every time I wash my car/s they would ask me to move the car because they can’t get in or out of their garage. This morning was no different. She honked like 7 times then yelled out “Can you move your car?!?!?” in her broken English. Really 7 times? give me some time, I’m three floors up! When I got down there, she was giving me this UGLY look, not a single word, just a look (so I mumbled “learn to drive stupid idiot”). I would’ve been okay with that if she wasn’t such an idiot. The situation have been reverse many many times, but I have not once asked them to move because the area between our garage is big enough where a normal person can maneuver without any problems.

This is what I saw when I got downstairs

She was just driving straight out, she did that a few time…hello?!?!? use that steering wheel! it’s called turning! I know what she was doing, she wanted to back out with th rear of her car pointing to the left and then drive right and forward to the “exit”. But there are other ways out too, like backing out. I have drawn out what she should have done instead of bitching and whining…like I said I parked it so that it would not block anyone to entering and exiting!!!!(click to enlarge)

Did I ever mention that our insurance rate is actually higher because of the city we live in? If we lived in the city we worked in, the quote was $250-300 less per year, PER CAR!!!!! I’ve always complained about the drivers in this area. I guess it’s not just me. I gotta move…I hope my girlfriend’s bid on that house goes through!

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