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Archive for June 16th, 2008

Work Restrooms

Posted by mikenopolis on June 16, 2008

Remember a while back when I mentioned that the informal #1 rule in my company was “No newspaper in the restrooms”? Well, there’s been newspaper in the stalls almost daily, but last week was interesting enough for me to pull out my phone for a picture. There was a Reader’s Digest magazine (Large Print Edition) there.

The funniest thing is that the edition’s heading is “35 people who inspire us” so I ask you, who inspires you when you go for a #2 ?

I’m getting somewhat pissed of find these reading material in the restroom stalls!

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Inconsidereate Fat Lards with babies

Posted by mikenopolis on June 16, 2008

I’m getting very tired of inconsiderate fat lards that are repopulating this world. The are obviously assholes….why? you ask? because I was at the mall parking lot, in my car with signal on, waiting to the three “people” to leave, they each had a baby & baby stroller, this is a 2 door Silverado truck. Think about it……YES, congrats! three women and three babies DO NOT FIT in this vehicle. They had me waiting for about 15 – 20 minutes while they were loading everything…not once did they give me a look as an apology for the long wait.

you may ask why I didn’t just leave, I had nothing better to do and was not in any hurry….plus I wanted to see what these fat lard would do. People like this needs to stop having kids, they are just going to teach them to be the same.

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Tranny? Drag? What’s He Trying to be and why if it affects his income?

Posted by mikenopolis on June 16, 2008

The barber shop I’ve gone to since I was a little kid has this barber that’s a little “weird”…He’s definitely a he, but wears makeup, plucks his eyebrows wear women’s clothes and looks like he’s got boobs. He looks and sounds like a man, but is obviously trying something out.

I really feel bad for him because the customers are suppose to log in when they arrive and wait for the next available person. Whenever he calls out the next customer’s name, people are saying they are waiting for another barber…He’s really nice and good at what he does, but I think his “style” is affecting his income, especially in the city that this place is located. My area is not known to be “hip”

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Burger or Cake?

Posted by mikenopolis on June 16, 2008

One of our company’s Vendors brought a little gift for us last week….look closely, IT’S A CAKE!!!! pretty huh? wish I could say that about the way it tasted. it was WAY too sweet for me.

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Posted by mikenopolis on June 16, 2008

Gas prices are INSANE!!!!! just paid $4.70 for unleaded today. just look at the lines for “cheaper” gas at Costco. It’s times like this that I wished I was in New York where Mass transit works. I was in line for 30 minutes just to get to the pump.

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iPhone Invisible Shield “Case”

Posted by mikenopolis on June 16, 2008

I went looking for a gift at the mall and found this cart that sold the “Invisible Shield” I had wanted one because all the case I had to the iPhone collected dust which in turn scratch the chrome around my phone. it was $30 for a FULL cover. Anyway, so far this thing is Amazing. I’ve gone two weeks without a case and I’m LOVING it! it covers 95% of the phone including the curved corners!

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Skinny Jeans…on guys are Gay Gay Gay

Posted by mikenopolis on June 16, 2008

I’ve got nothing against gay people who are actually gay, but I think skinny jeans are SUPER GAY especially when the person wearing them are acting “macho”, I mean look at this guy!

He was talking to his friend with that manly tone, saying something like “Man, that chick was hella hot, I would like to bang her….” any way, you see how ridiculous that is? If you are a human being and finds this attractive…you need some help.

And what’s with people and the caps that are that high up and straight…and with the sticker still on it? The whole invention of the hat is to cover your eyes from the sun….if you are gonna wear and “baseball” cap, watch a game and look at how it’s supposed to be worn!

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Ghetto Cars

Posted by mikenopolis on June 16, 2008

I have decided to start a new posting tag called “Ghetto Cars”. I have seen these piece of crap everywhere and it’s just plain UGLY…

In order to make it to this Ghetto Car Category, the car must be embarrassingly over “flashy”. such as a sub compact car with a hugh spoiler, or 20″ chrome rims, or a Nissan Sentra with three baby seats (I’ve seen it!!!! didn’t have my camera with me at the time). Basically if the car should not be fixed up and it is, then it’s ghetto. If your car is a four door sedan and it’s fixed up, it’s ghetto. If you have baby seats and your car is fixed up, it’s Ghetto. If you are poor and use your food/rent money for rims, you’re GHETTO!!! etc etc etc.

If you get a picture of one, please send it my way.

Here are a few example of the ones I’ve taken a picture of so far

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