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Ghetto Cars

Posted by mikenopolis on June 16, 2008

I have decided to start a new posting tag called “Ghetto Cars”. I have seen these piece of crap everywhere and it’s just plain UGLY…

In order to make it to this Ghetto Car Category, the car must be embarrassingly over “flashy”. such as a sub compact car with a hugh spoiler, or 20″ chrome rims, or a Nissan Sentra with three baby seats (I’ve seen it!!!! didn’t have my camera with me at the time). Basically if the car should not be fixed up and it is, then it’s ghetto. If your car is a four door sedan and it’s fixed up, it’s ghetto. If you have baby seats and your car is fixed up, it’s Ghetto. If you are poor and use your food/rent money for rims, you’re GHETTO!!! etc etc etc.

If you get a picture of one, please send it my way.

Here are a few example of the ones I’ve taken a picture of so far

2 Responses to “Ghetto Cars”

  1. MaseratiSmashin' said

    Get A Job Quick Looks Like U Got Alot Of Time On Your Hands

    • mikenopolis said

      Why are the people who bitch about my bitching usually retarded. English 101, it’s not “alot” it’s “a lot”. I was going to say “I have a job” and tell you not to assume that I don’t becuase I blog…but then I’m assuming bad parenting by the way the guy dresses, walked and the car he drove…. See? We all judge!!! It’s the fact of life and the society we live in. For all I know he could be a struggling rap artist like you sitting in his parent’s house in Decatur, Georgia. Putting beats together with his little Casio keyboard and an old computer. Everyone struggles at some point in their lives, I’m just saying people need to get their priorities straight, spend the money on their children and family not rims and crap. Now STFU and enjoy my rants.

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