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Skinny Jeans…on guys are Gay Gay Gay

Posted by mikenopolis on June 16, 2008

I’ve got nothing against gay people who are actually gay, but I think skinny jeans are SUPER GAY especially when the person wearing them are acting “macho”, I mean look at this guy!

He was talking to his friend with that manly tone, saying something like “Man, that chick was hella hot, I would like to bang her….” any way, you see how ridiculous that is? If you are a human being and finds this attractive…you need some help.

And what’s with people and the caps that are that high up and straight…and with the sticker still on it? The whole invention of the hat is to cover your eyes from the sun….if you are gonna wear and “baseball” cap, watch a game and look at how it’s supposed to be worn!

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