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American Cars…Lacking

Posted by mikenopolis on June 19, 2008

So since my girlfriend’s unfortunate hit & run incident a lot has happened, one of which is that her car is finally in the shop, and we are driving a rental to and from work.  Sadly we were unable to get a better car because the insurance people were not willing to accommodate…we are now in a Chevrolet Cobalt which is horrible!

It’s built like a toy car, the engine is loud, all the parts are loose, etc.

What I really want to rant about it their “radio console” they have about 8″ on the console for a screen for the radio. but they only use about 2 of them in the middle to show either the radio station playing OR the time, so all they can do it say something like 126.7 with a little am or pm or fm symbol. WTF? you have all that room to work with and this is all you can do for a 2008 vehicle?!?!?

What’s worst is that there is a little clock icon, I was on a radio station and wanted to know the time, so logically I pushed the clock button, what does that tell me?….NOTHING, it takes me to a blinking 12HR for time setting! I think that design is lacking logic, they put a button with an icon dedicated to changing the time as if it happens all the time. Even in my old 1992 Honda Accord, the setting is hidden under a tiny door. They have the time and money to create a button, draw and put in the extra circuits into the PCB board, but they weren’t about to fill that “screen” and just have the clock displaying all the time?!?!?!

as of 2008 American cars are still lacking logic, They are where imports were 15-20 years ago.

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