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Dumb eBayers

Posted by mikenopolis on June 19, 2008

I’m currently selling some things on eBay and am wondering why people are so dumb. Theoretically eBays should not be in business because if everyone just held out until the last second to put in the bid, you can get something for VERY cheap. I understand that these people want to be the winner, but I have 12 people “fighting” to win one of my items on the very first day…why would you do that? If you were smart, you watch a bunch of the same items and wait until the auction almost ends before putting in your bid, if you don’t win, go to the next one.

While I was on ebay I saw this guy’s auction selling his 1st generation 8gb Apple iPhone. He started the auction at $350, who would put in a bid for a 1st generation iPhone for that much to begin with when a brand new on is $199. you say it’s because it’s unlock? yes it is, and those are going for around $400. the problem here is that this guy mentions a few “problems” with the phone, there are a few DENTS and SCRATCHED, and there is an error that come up “once in a while”….oh and no refunds. Of course this auction ended with no bids….I wonder if he’s dumb enough to relist it EXACTLY the same.

The only reason the phone would have dents would be because it was dropped. I have an iPhone, it is protected with a “invisible shield” which I LOVE, and then a leather case is wrapped around that. I’ve never dropped it. I see these people out there with the iPhones unprotected, girls/women would finish talking and toss it into their purse along with the keys and whatnot. Guys would but in into their pockets with their keys and change. HELLO?!?! it’s a huge investment.

Maybe it’s just me being anal, but all my things (especially electronics) are very well protected and taken care of.

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