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Ghetto Young Fathers

Posted by mikenopolis on June 19, 2008

I was stuck in traffic going home from work yesterday and decided to take a picture of this car. Why you ask, not just because it’s Ghetto, but because it was a old  beat up  Honda Accord with  clear back lights, bubbling  tinted windows with a bumper sticker that said one of those, my child is a honor student at some school.

How embarrassed would you be if you parents drove this around??? Exactly!!! Parents are not supposed to drive a rice-rocket want-to-be!

2 Responses to “Ghetto Young Fathers”

  1. MaseratiSmashin' said

    as long as it gets the children back an forth to school it doesn’t matter asshole. worry about yourself, how do u think your kids feel having parents that get online & complain.

    • mikenopolis said

      The car matters because it factors in how the parent/s think, what they can afford, thus having an impact on how a child is raised. If you have the resources, go read some journal articles/studies on the subject of low resource families and its relationship with childhood delinquincies. It would make you think twice before you judge my judgment of others.

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