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New California Cellphone Headset Law 07/01/08 RANT!!!

Posted by mikenopolis on June 30, 2008

As most of you may/should know, as of 07/01/08 it will be illegal to drive and talk on your phone at the same time without the use of a headset (i.e. Bluetooth). I have used various bluetooth headset since the original one made by Ericsson this one…with this phone!

So I’m very experienced in bluetooth technology.

The reason I’m ranting is that I just had to teach my mother how to work bluetooth, I don’t think she gets it after 1 hour of instructions. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s department just issued a statement that majority of accidents are caused by individual talking on the phone or looking down to dial. My questions are:

1.) Why the hell is TEXT MESSAGING STILL LEGAL? how do you justify what you said about causes for accidents?

2.) Don’t you think requiring stubborn old people like my mother to learn this technology will create even more accidents because now they would have to look into their purse pull out the phone look at who’s calling (this is where they used to just pick up and talk)
, put the phone down, look for the peanut size headset, put it in their ear, push the button…..fumble with it some more because it didn’t seem to pair right away…just to look up and slam into a cop car! At this time, majority of the drivers are not smart enough to shut the hell up in a theater, what makes you think they can work bluetooth?

One Response to “New California Cellphone Headset Law 07/01/08 RANT!!!”

  1. The tendency is really good. All countries in Europe have same laws, hope all states of America will join our state in banning the use of mobile phones with the hands while driving.

    The fine should be much more i think. Then one could even have no ability to compare the price of a hands-free and a fine.

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