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Handsfree Cellphone Law

Posted by mikenopolis on July 24, 2008

I saw this today… This OC woman had the nerve to talk on her cellphone while driving…we drove four blocks next to her, there was yelling, and knee slapping laughter. I don’t know, it annoys me. I don’t approve of the law, but it irks me that the really “OC” people are so obvious.

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Packed Theme Park on a Wednesday

Posted by mikenopolis on July 23, 2008

A few of us decided to take a day off today (Wednesday) to go to Universal Studios Hollywood before our $20 coupons expire. We thought it was a good idea being the middle of the week, all the kids that were on summer vacation would probably be at Disneyland or Six Flags Magic Mountain….Nope we were sooooo wrong, the place was packed like a can of tuna! Children EVERYWHERE!

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WooHoooooo! WordPress App for iPhone is Available NOW!

Posted by mikenopolis on July 22, 2008

Just wanted to say that the WordPress app is now available for the iPhone!

Thanks for the hard work Matt!

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The Real Cost Of The “Newer & Better” 3G iPhone From Apple/AT&T

Posted by mikenopolis on July 17, 2008

I should’ve posted this a long time ago but haven’t had time…so here’s a calculation of how the newest 3G iPhone is actually more expensive than people think. The first iPhone (8GB) was $599 but became $499 after Apple reimbursed $100 to owners when they decided on the sudden price drop. 1st generation iPhone cost $49.00 per month ($29.99 plan with $20 iPhone Package) whereas the new iPhone 3G cost $251.49 more by the end of the 2 year contract because sure! you have a lower initial cost of the phone, but your monthly charge is $69.99 with a $5 for the same amount of text messages. By the 14th month you would’ve paid more than the 1st generation iPhone owner!

Also if you really think about it the 3G network is still not widely available, so unless you keep your 3G iPhone’s 3G service off, it will constantly be searching for the network, causing it to lose battery power and a faster rate. Sure, you can turn the GPS off and the 3G off, then what’s the point of getting the phone?

Apple should’ve thought this through before releasing it….or maybe they have and are just trying to get more money from all of us when the 3rd version of the iPhone comes out!

1st Gen
3G Version
iPhone $ 499.99 Total Cost $ 199.99 Total Cost
Taxes $ 41.25 $ 541.24 $ 16.50 $ 216.49
Month #1 $ 49.99 $ 591.23 $ 74.00 $ 290.49
2 $ 49.99 $ 641.22 $ 74.00 $ 364.49
3 $ 49.99 $ 691.21 $ 74.00 $ 438.49
4 $ 49.99 $ 741.20 $ 74.00 $ 512.49
5 $ 49.99 $ 791.19 $ 74.00 $ 586.49
6 $ 49.99 $ 841.18 $ 74.00 $ 660.49
7 $ 49.99 $ 891.17 $ 74.00 $ 734.49
8 $ 49.99 $ 941.16 $ 74.00 $ 808.49
9 $ 49.99 $ 991.15 $ 74.00 $ 882.49
10 $ 49.99 $ 1,041.14 $ 74.00 $ 956.49
11 $ 49.99 $ 1,091.13 $ 74.00 $ 1,030.49
12 $ 49.99 $ 1,141.12 $ 74.00 $ 1,104.49
13 $ 49.99 $ 1,191.11 $ 74.00 $ 1,178.49
14 $ 49.99 $ 1,241.10 $ 74.00 $ 1,252.49
15 $ 49.99 $ 1,291.09 $ 74.00 $ 1,326.49
16 $ 49.99 $ 1,341.08 $ 74.00 $ 1,400.49
17 $ 49.99 $ 1,391.07 $ 74.00 $ 1,474.49
18 $ 49.99 $ 1,441.06 $ 74.00 $ 1,548.49
19 $ 49.99 $ 1,491.05 $ 74.00 $ 1,622.49
20 $ 49.99 $ 1,541.04 $ 74.00 $ 1,696.49
21 $ 49.99 $ 1,591.03 $ 74.00 $ 1,770.49
22 $ 49.99 $ 1,641.02 $ 74.00 $ 1,844.49
23 $ 49.99 $ 1,691.01 $ 74.00 $ 1,918.49
24 $ 49.99 $ 1,741.00 $ 74.00 $ 1,992.49

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Apple 3G iPhone – 3rd Day Of Sale

Posted by mikenopolis on July 13, 2008

I drove by the apple store of Pasadena California today, the third day after the release of the iPhone 3G and this is what the line outside looks like!!! What is it about Apple’s product that drives people nuts, I mean this weekend is not as hot as the past three or four weekends but it was still somewhat hot! These people are standing out here like they were giving out gold bars!

What is interesting is that many of these people already have the first iPhone…like me (I am typing this out on it right now) I would not go wait in like just for 3G and GPS, I am perfectly happy with the 2.0 software update so far, it really is like having a brand new phone. Problem is that as of writing this, it is 1:42 pm, my phone has been off it’s charger since 9:00am, I have a little over half of the battery left after about 5 hours of use. I have made no calls and played with the iPhone games for about 1 hour, four text message with bluetooth and wifi off. I wonder how the battery for the 3G iPhone will perform since their newer functions are power hungry!

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Time To Lose Some Weight

Posted by mikenopolis on July 10, 2008

I came to a realization that I need to seriously lose some weight, I’m not fat, just no longer fit like I was back in the good ol’ swimming days. I used to out eat everyone and not gain anything but muscle because I swam four hours everyday for two teams. Now I can still out eat everyone I know, but working in an office 12 hours a day really doesn’t help it, especially when the only exercise I get is turning my head from one monitor to the next (I have 3 24″ LCDs for work). I don’t eat a lot unless it’s a bet or dare. I have noticed that I’m not too comfortable with my belt at the same notch it used to be (yes I have belts that old)…I have not changed my pant size, not can I comfortably move to the next notch on my belt (maybe 1/2 a notch).

Starting this weekend I’m taking my road bike out for at least 30 miles on the weekends, I hope that helps (it’s too hard to rush home after work and ride). wish me luck!

I’m not sure how much it would help if I work out for two days and stop for five…..I need to work less.

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I Can’t Spell when I’m typing 100+WPM

Posted by mikenopolis on July 9, 2008

When I’m “blogging” I’m just typing things as it comes into my head, at this point I go well over 100wpm, I never said I typed correctly at that speed. I recently got a message from a user from another forum saying “why don’t you learn to spell, your a idiot” that’s the exact phrase.

First, I would like to reiterate that I have some very specific typos, such as not putting the Y in the word they. Somehow my fingers just doesn’t finish up the work (see! that’s another mistake!) before going on to the next one (that’s another one, I miss the E in the word one sometimes)

Second, if you are going to call me an idiot, learn to do it properly because it’s “you’RE”, not “your”, and it’s “AN idiot” not “A idiot”!

I try to type correctly, but it’s really weird proof reading what you wrote when it’s a blog that is really not meant for the public, it’s just for venting. I do check everything if it’s work related, for this….not so much.

So please excuse me if I sound weird on here, it happens, now shut up and read on.

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I Love This Old IBM Thinkpad – Model #T23

Posted by mikenopolis on July 8, 2008

I got an old IBM ThinkPad from work (PIII, 800Mhz, Windows 2000), They were actually going to throw it away, it had dead 20GB HDD, no ram, no power adapter and a dead battery.

I took it home, went on eBay and bought a battery ($20), power adapter ($10) and a SECOND battery ($35)that fits into the “Ultrabay” where the DVD/CD/Floppy optical drives is supposed to be. I put in two sticks of 128mb of pc100 ram that I had from like 10 years ago (this laptop maxes out at 512 but I didn’t feel like I would need it for this old thing). I put in an old 40GB Toshiba hard drive I had pulled from an old laptop in college. Installed Windows XP and all my usual software and utilities. $65 dollars and 4 hours later, I was up and running.

The laptop was definitely abused by the previous owner, it had a few blemishes, the LCD had minor but annoying pressure points from either fingers poking at it or keyboard pressure. for $65 dollars I had a new IBM ThinkPad that cost $3000 7 years before. Yes, it is old and underpowered, but I have 7 other computers at home, power is not what I was looking for, I was looking for a piece machine to sit back with on my recliner in front of the TV. With the Ultrabay battery, this is definitely the machine to do so.

I had tested the two batteries in the laptop, I got over 6 hours of active use on it with a medium bright screen, with a PCMCIA Wifi card on! When tested it, I noticed that the battery monitor said this (2 hours into use)….89% battey, 10:11 hours left. of course that’s wrong because I got the battery critical alert at 6 hours 12 minutes, but I’m still very impressed! I don’t think I can get this kind of battery life on my newer 2Ghz¬† Thinkpad! There’s an advantage for this little underpowered machine after all!

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eBay & PayPal Is Killing Me With Their Fees

Posted by mikenopolis on July 8, 2008

I sold $765.25 worth of stuff on eBay recently and only got $699.18, the more I sell the more I feel ripped off.

PayPal (the company that allows people like me to accept online payments from other people) is owned by eBay.

I have to pay a listing fee to eBay when I list and item to sell, then when it ends I have to pay a percentage of the sold value to eBay. When the buyer pays me through PayPal, PayPal gets a percentage of that! I’m getting poked from three sides!

There’s nothing I can do, but I have no idea how this is even legal! grrrrrrr.

Ending Price Listing Price 8.75% for 1st $25 3.5% for Remainder to $1000 Total eBay Fees Total PayPal Fees Total Received BEFORE Shipping
$ 208.50 0.25 $ 2.19 $ 6.42 $ 8.86 $ 5.82 $ 190.78
$ 158.50 0.25 $ 2.19 $ 4.67 $ 7.11 $ 7.46 $ 144.28
$ 372.00 0.25 $ 2.19 $ 12.15 $ 14.58 $ 11.58 $ 342.84
$ 26.25 0.25 $ 2.19 $ 0.04 $ 2.48 $ 1.29 $ 21.29
$ 765.25 1 $ 8.75 $ 23.28 $ 33.03 $ 26.15 $ 699.18

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Ghetto Parents – They Should Be Neutered

Posted by mikenopolis on July 8, 2008

I was at the mall a few weeks ago and saw a family, the mom was pushing a stroller and the dad was walking with their older son following…what’s the problem you ask?

Does this guy dress the part. WTF is with the pants and the limping walk, we all know you are not handicapped! I hate people like this procreating, STOP IT, just STOP IT!!!!!! we don’t need your type educating children to F@#$ up our society, I already had a group of them sitting on my curb “hanging out” all the time!

Oh they drove a OLD Impala on chrome wire rims….If you can’t afford a real family car, DON’T HAVE CHILDREN!!!!

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