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eBay & PayPal Is Killing Me With Their Fees

Posted by mikenopolis on July 8, 2008

I sold $765.25 worth of stuff on eBay recently and only got $699.18, the more I sell the more I feel ripped off.

PayPal (the company that allows people like me to accept online payments from other people) is owned by eBay.

I have to pay a listing fee to eBay when I list and item to sell, then when it ends I have to pay a percentage of the sold value to eBay. When the buyer pays me through PayPal, PayPal gets a percentage of that! I’m getting poked from three sides!

There’s nothing I can do, but I have no idea how this is even legal! grrrrrrr.

Ending Price Listing Price 8.75% for 1st $25 3.5% for Remainder to $1000 Total eBay Fees Total PayPal Fees Total Received BEFORE Shipping
$ 208.50 0.25 $ 2.19 $ 6.42 $ 8.86 $ 5.82 $ 190.78
$ 158.50 0.25 $ 2.19 $ 4.67 $ 7.11 $ 7.46 $ 144.28
$ 372.00 0.25 $ 2.19 $ 12.15 $ 14.58 $ 11.58 $ 342.84
$ 26.25 0.25 $ 2.19 $ 0.04 $ 2.48 $ 1.29 $ 21.29
$ 765.25 1 $ 8.75 $ 23.28 $ 33.03 $ 26.15 $ 699.18

5 Responses to “eBay & PayPal Is Killing Me With Their Fees”

  1. isaid said

    Yeah, I think they think that no one notices their BS, be we do notice. It will take a while, but if they don’t sort this out people (sellers) will start going elsewhere….

  2. […] firstly, it is split into three small fees**, so psychologically it doesn’t seem that bad total fees = listing fees + selling fees + paypal fees* .     *ebay OWN paypal ** this guy shows his statement  […]

  3. fukedbyebay&paypal & uspo said

    soory dude but you forgot one now ebays regulates how much you can charge for shipping >>ITS TIME FOR SOMEONE ELSE T0 COME WITH A NEW AUCTION AND WIPE THERE AZZ OUT OF PICTURE

  4. Twist said

    Yeah its a joke…they are taking almost 20% away from us now.

    I will be saying screw you to Ebay.

  5. darin said

    yea so basically they get the profits on most of the items. I bought a broken computer fixed it with other parts i bought and it sold for about 50 dollars more than i paid for everything and that 50 dollars got sucked up in fees. so I wasted my time and ebay made money. frustrated again. I think ebay is only good if you stole the item or got it free somehow so the profit is large even after the fees. but i cant steel to make a living. and ebay is only good for the buyers they pay no fees.

    I think they should charge the seller and buyer a percentage of the final value fee then no one will buy anything because they will feel they are paying extra for it and then ebay will fade away like myspace is now.

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