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Ghetto Parents – They Should Be Neutered

Posted by mikenopolis on July 8, 2008

I was at the mall a few weeks ago and saw a family, the mom was pushing a stroller and the dad was walking with their older son following…what’s the problem you ask?

Does this guy dress the part. WTF is with the pants and the limping walk, we all know you are not handicapped! I hate people like this procreating, STOP IT, just STOP IT!!!!!! we don’t need your type educating children to F@#$ up our society, I already had a group of them sitting on my curb “hanging out” all the time!

Oh they drove a OLD Impala on chrome wire rims….If you can’t afford a real family car, DON’T HAVE CHILDREN!!!!

2 Responses to “Ghetto Parents – They Should Be Neutered”

  1. Jake said

    who the fuck are you to judge. I wish i had as much time as you to sit around and bitch about people on the internet; not even having the balls to say it to thier face. set down the camera and pick up a book.

    • mikenopolis said

      Not too many people who don’t know me personally read my rants here, and the ones that do read this knows the negativity that flows through me. I complain about everything and always fill out the “cons” column before I even acknowledge that there are “pros”. The people who somehow stumble onto my random acts of “bitching” are usually surprised by my comments. Yes I can admit that I’m a bit harsh, bitch about some of the dumbest things, I never said I was perfect, I have PLENTY of flaws and I’m planning to be a very bitter old man who’ll get shot by some young kid wearing whatever the trendy thing may be… but at least I know how to spell the word “their”. At least it’s good that you are currently attending Ferris State University, I hope you get that word correct at the next spelling bee.

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