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I Love This Old IBM Thinkpad – Model #T23

Posted by mikenopolis on July 8, 2008

I got an old IBM ThinkPad from work (PIII, 800Mhz, Windows 2000), They were actually going to throw it away, it had dead 20GB HDD, no ram, no power adapter and a dead battery.

I took it home, went on eBay and bought a battery ($20), power adapter ($10) and a SECOND battery ($35)that fits into the “Ultrabay” where the DVD/CD/Floppy optical drives is supposed to be. I put in two sticks of 128mb of pc100 ram that I had from like 10 years ago (this laptop maxes out at 512 but I didn’t feel like I would need it for this old thing). I put in an old 40GB Toshiba hard drive I had pulled from an old laptop in college. Installed Windows XP and all my usual software and utilities. $65 dollars and 4 hours later, I was up and running.

The laptop was definitely abused by the previous owner, it had a few blemishes, the LCD had minor but annoying pressure points from either fingers poking at it or keyboard pressure. for $65 dollars I had a new IBM ThinkPad that cost $3000 7 years before. Yes, it is old and underpowered, but I have 7 other computers at home, power is not what I was looking for, I was looking for a piece machine to sit back with on my recliner in front of the TV. With the Ultrabay battery, this is definitely the machine to do so.

I had tested the two batteries in the laptop, I got over 6 hours of active use on it with a medium bright screen, with a PCMCIA Wifi card on! When tested it, I noticed that the battery monitor said this (2 hours into use)….89% battey, 10:11 hours left. of course that’s wrong because I got the battery critical alert at 6 hours 12 minutes, but I’m still very impressed! I don’t think I can get this kind of battery life on my newer 2Ghz  Thinkpad! There’s an advantage for this little underpowered machine after all!

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