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Salesmen…I hate them…Society does not need them!

Posted by mikenopolis on July 8, 2008

One of my all time favorite stores is Fry’s, it’s not because they have low price because if I wanted low price I would hunt things down on eBay (which I’ll be posting about in a second on how they keep ripping me off when I sell things). I like Fry’s because they have everything a nerd would ever want of need, and they have a huge selection of non-name brands that you would never see in places like BestBuy or Circuit City. I usually go there with a pen and paper to jot down all the price of things I need and head back home to see if I can get it for cheaper. Anyway back to the reason I’m ranting.

I’ve experienced this billions of times, These two nice older couples were in the bluetooth headset aisle (California made it mandatory to talk on a handsfree headset device while driving as of 07/01/08) they had a few question and were asking each other with a blank stare. Being the nice nerd that I am, I helped them through their confusion and we decided on a simple yet functional headset and offer to help them pair their phone with it after we checked out (as usual, I wasn’t buying anything). As we were about to leave the aisle to get in line for the registers, a salesman walks up (I saw him eyeing us for a good 10 minutes before) and asked the couple how they were doing and offer to do a “write up” for them. They asked why…He said it was store policy for certain items.

The sales people work for commission, they have a crappy base pay so they do their best to rake in commission, but I see this all the time, they swoop in on nerds like me who knows more about majority of the products in the store then they do and try to take credit from my choice of products. It’s one thing if the salesman actually assisted me in the decision and answered some questions, it’s a whole different situation if you just wait for me to choose and then swoop in and print out a paper that says you helped!

So the douche of a salesman holds us there for a good 10 minutes so that he can get all the information from the couple (they were new to Fry’s so all their information needed to be put into the system), printed us a paper saying he did his job and sent us on the way. As we walked away, I told the couple what just happened, and crumpled the paper loudly, making sure he heard and saw it….he did…mouthed off “what da F@#$?!?”.

Like I said, this is not the first time I’ve dealt with this. I’ve actually yelled out “NO!” when one of them ran after me and asked if he can do a “write up” for me, he asked why, I said “because you didn’t help me find this”, he actually had to guts to say “but we make commission”. I said “Then maybe you should go back to your area and actually earn that commission by actively helping people!!!”

These salesmen are the WORST ones, they remind me of old school projects where you always have that one or two idiot who’s either too stupid or too lazy to help, but when we get an A, he gets one too!


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