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Time To Lose Some Weight

Posted by mikenopolis on July 10, 2008

I came to a realization that I need to seriously lose some weight, I’m not fat, just no longer fit like I was back in the good ol’ swimming days. I used to out eat everyone and not gain anything but muscle because I swam four hours everyday for two teams. Now I can still out eat everyone I know, but working in an office 12 hours a day really doesn’t help it, especially when the only exercise I get is turning my head from one monitor to the next (I have 3 24″ LCDs for work). I don’t eat a lot unless it’s a bet or dare. I have noticed that I’m not too comfortable with my belt at the same notch it used to be (yes I have belts that old)…I have not changed my pant size, not can I comfortably move to the next notch on my belt (maybe 1/2 a notch).

Starting this weekend I’m taking my road bike out for at least 30 miles on the weekends, I hope that helps (it’s too hard to rush home after work and ride). wish me luck!

I’m not sure how much it would help if I work out for two days and stop for five…..I need to work less.

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