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Apple 3G iPhone – 3rd Day Of Sale

Posted by mikenopolis on July 13, 2008

I drove by the apple store of Pasadena California today, the third day after the release of the iPhone 3G and this is what the line outside looks like!!! What is it about Apple’s product that drives people nuts, I mean this weekend is not as hot as the past three or four weekends but it was still somewhat hot! These people are standing out here like they were giving out gold bars!

What is interesting is that many of these people already have the first iPhone…like me (I am typing this out on it right now) I would not go wait in like just for 3G and GPS, I am perfectly happy with the 2.0 software update so far, it really is like having a brand new phone. Problem is that as of writing this, it is 1:42 pm, my phone has been off it’s charger since 9:00am, I have a little over half of the battery left after about 5 hours of use. I have made no calls and played with the iPhone games for about 1 hour, four text message with bluetooth and wifi off. I wonder how the battery for the 3G iPhone will perform since their newer functions are power hungry!

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