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How The Apple iPhone Changed My Life

Posted by mikenopolis on August 22, 2008

I have always been a cellphone “fanatic” to my friends and family . I would change my handset once a month and occasionally even a few times a month. I would get a friend who worked at a cellphone store to “lose” some stock and get it for cheap, then after I get tired of it, I would unlock it and sell it on eBay for a $100-$300 profit. I’ve now been wiped clean from my addiction and have been using the same phone (Apple iPhone 1st generation) for OVER A YEAR! I’m still not tire of it, but I am irking to get a Nokia N93 for the video recording function. How can you not think the iPhone is GREAT?!?!? Sure it’s got it’s share of problems, but it does beat all the other phones out there in terms of what ONE phone can do on its own.

Here are all the phone I’ve ever used, click on them to enlarge (There are more, but I can’t remember their model numbers)

3 Responses to “How The Apple iPhone Changed My Life”

  1. Holy crap. You went through a lot of phones.

    Thanks for selling me the Nokia 6800 and the Panasonic GD55 back in the day.

    I actually liked the Nokia 6800. It was a great phone for text messaging at the time.

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  3. […] mobile ones. I would cut screen protectors out for every phone I’ve ever had (which is a LOT of phones) and carefully put them on the screen before I even turn it on. So protecting a glass phone that […]

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