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Where Do People Learn To Drive/Park

Posted by mikenopolis on September 3, 2008

I’ve always been careful not to pull all the way forward in parking space so that people won’t accidentally hit me when they pull into the spot in front of me. Obviously the owner of the Toyota in the picture was like me….doesn’t help when there are a-holes like the one that hit him.

What ever happened to common decency in society. I came back to my car and saw this next to me, I feels so sorry for the Toyota that got hit. I left a note in his door jam with one of my email addresses telling him to contact me for pictures (Vin# and plates) of the person who left their license plate and screw imprint on his front bumper…it was weird because the Chrysler definitely left imprints in the Toyota, but then he backed up about 3cm, why didn’t he pulled all the way out back into his OWN spot?!?!?

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Ugly Ghetto Cars

Posted by mikenopolis on September 3, 2008

I saw these two cars a few weeks back while I was in the parking lot of a CVS pharmacy close to work. what makes these people think this crap looks cool? it’s a freaken old Honda Accord and Ford Focus! I hate when these people try to improve their cars with these things, do they go and show these “mods” to their friends?

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The Buffet at Bellagio in Las Vegas – One Very Rude Waitress Named Esmer

Posted by mikenopolis on September 3, 2008

I’ve eaten at Bellagio’s Buffet at least once each time I visit Las Vegas. The food has always been good… this time I had a VERY VERY RUDE Waitress.

This is the letter I wrote to them:
Hello Bellagio Management,

Over the Labor Day weekend my family and I came to Las Vegas. On Monday evening we came to “The Buffet” in Bellagio. I’ve always had fond memories of the food there, and it did not disappoint this time, the desserts were beautiful as always (Compliments to the chef/cook that prepared the Beef Wellington, it was fabulous)

The “problem” I have is the demeanor of one of your waitress named Esmer (Picture attached) For over $30 a head I would’ve expected much better service, even if it is a buffet. Esmer came over about 5 minutes after we were seated, without a smile or any facial expression except boredom or sleepiness, she asked us what we wanted to drinks, and slowly walked away. Then our drinks came…slowly….one at a time. It gets worst. When we asked for refills on the drinks, it took over 10 minutes, we had a coke at both ends of the table, she refills one, goes off to a refill other tables then comes back and refills the other coke at the other end of our table.

I may be bias because of the bad attitude so far, but I think she gave us a dirty look when we asked her if she can clear off some of the used plates off our table. She said “Just wait!” and walked off. When she finally came over to clean off the plates 15 minutes later, she said nothing, there was no apology for the wait or for the fact that we had stacked up all our dirty plates to make room, she picked up 2 of the dirty plates and just walked off. Most of our drinks were empty again, we didn’t bother to ask for another refill just to see if she was smart/nice enough to do it without asking. We sat and chatted for another 30 minutes before leaving, the rest of our dirty plates (about 12) were still on the table, we were sucking on melted ice at this point, we know she was still working, but she never came around.

Maybe it was us, but I don’t think so because we said “hello how are you doing” with a smile at the very beginning, we put on a face and was nice to her no matter what. She just had a bad attitude from the very beginning. We should’ve left about $50 to make a 20% tip, we left a $20….it was way too much for her.

As I’ve said, the food was good, but she’s horrible. I’ve had better service at Denny’s. Please have someone re-train her.

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eBay Slot Machine in Las Vegas

Posted by mikenopolis on September 3, 2008

This was weird, I saw a eBay machine in a few of the casinos in Vegas, didn’t play any of them but it seemed if someone get a “bonus” free spin, everyone playing get a piece to the winnings too! I had already capped out on my gambling budget at the tables for this trip, so I’ll play with next time.

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KÀ Cirque Du Soleil at MGM in Las Vegas

Posted by mikenopolis on September 3, 2008

I went to Las Vegas during the Labor Day weekend and saw KÀ at the MGM. I liked the performance but didn’t really like the storyline, there seemed to be a story of love and war, but none of the performers ever said a single word, there was a dialogue between a few of them, but it seemed to be in some made up language, This performance really needed a dialogue because the flying “tricks” was not enough. We paid $100 per seat which was the medium price, sat smack in the middle. I was more entertained by the gears and hydraulics that moved and swapped the stages than the actual performance. If you do decide to watch a Cirque Du Soleil show in Vegas, I highly suggest “O” at the Bellagio instead of KÀ, it’s a beautiful “water stage”.

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