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Where Do People Learn To Drive/Park

Posted by mikenopolis on September 3, 2008

I’ve always been careful not to pull all the way forward in parking space so that people won’t accidentally hit me when they pull into the spot in front of me. Obviously the owner of the Toyota in the picture was like me….doesn’t help when there are a-holes like the one that hit him.

What ever happened to common decency in society. I came back to my car and saw this next to me, I feels so sorry for the Toyota that got hit. I left a note in his door jam with one of my email addresses telling him to contact me for pictures (Vin# and plates) of the person who left their license plate and screw imprint on his front bumper…it was weird because the Chrysler definitely left imprints in the Toyota, but then he backed up about 3cm, why didn’t he pulled all the way out back into his OWN spot?!?!?

One Response to “Where Do People Learn To Drive/Park”

  1. Half the assclowns at use the LA Fitness I go to park worse than that. And lots of those are lifted pickups.

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