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NetBook – Laptops Have Come a Long Way

Posted by mikenopolis on September 9, 2008

I’ve been fond of portable electronics and gadgets all my life,  I think it’s because my father was an electrical and mechanical engineer. The main reason I’ve been a fan of laptops is because an old roommate faked a break-in during the first month of my second year in college. Needless to say, my desktop computer was one of the items that were stolen. From that point on, my main computer is a laptop that never leaves my side (even to this day).

My first laptop was a hefty 8 pound monster, I don’t remember the specs, but it was fast for its time and cost my father $1700. I later (when Dell’s tech support was still good and not outsourced) upgraded to a 6lb. Dell Latitude. In my later years in school I gave up speed for price and portability and got myself a 3.9lb Averatec for a little over $900. Amazingly that little thing was pretty reliable, I used it for 2 years, My girlfriend used it for 1 and I sold it on eBay for $500 after replacing the hard drive.

Over the past 10 years I’ve owned many laptops from one the lightest laptop (1.99 lb Sharp MM20…take that MacBook Air) to one the heaviest laptop around (15lb HP HDX…AMAZING machine). One of the biggest downfalls is their portability and battery life which is drained by spinning hard drives, CPU and the fan.

I recently read a review on the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 NetBook from AnandTech and was very impressed by it. Like all NetBooks, it uses a SSD, but what sets it aside from them is that it has NO FAN! My old Sharp MM20 ran on a  Transmeta 1.2Ghz processor which required no fan, but it had a spinning hard drive and ran hot. Although I’m all about the latest tech, I’ll have to hold out on getting a netbook for a while, I’m just not sure I can work with a 16GB SSD.

During many of my personal vacations where I traveled, I’ve brought along one of my laptops just in case of work emergencies. I’d love to carry something smaller that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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