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I’m Asian, I Can Be A Stereotype…NOT A “Costume”!!!

Posted by mikenopolis on October 20, 2008

I went to my friend’s birthday dinner this past weekend. One of our discussions  was about her company’s upcoming Halloween “Theme”. Normally you hear themed costume, you think of Disney Characters, Presidents, Animals, etc. Their bright idea was for everyone to dress like Chinese people, WHAT?!?!?

The question of the night was do I and all the other Asians (sorry Yvonne, you are Mexican, your vote doesn’t count) find this offensive. My answer was a no, but it’s still wrong not because you are dressed that way, I’m offended that you are using it as a Halloween costume. I’m sorry, but me being Chinese is not a costume, I can’t take this off! I’m not sure how this got past their human resources department, but the S@#* will hit the fan if just one person lawyers up.

One Response to “I’m Asian, I Can Be A Stereotype…NOT A “Costume”!!!”

  1. I found this pretty funny.

    But on the other hand, I actually thought about being a ‘guido’ for Halloween.

    Classic example of a guido:

    Spray on tan, spiked gel’ed hair, and that undeserved look of self-accomplishment combined with flashy clothes.

    Many could argue that being a ‘guido’ isn’t a costume.

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