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I Would Never Survive In Ohio

Posted by mikenopolis on October 28, 2008

I don’t like to voice my political views to people because I think it’s too personal. I keep my political opinions to myself for the same reason we vote inside covered booths instead of an open area.

After viewing this I now fear for my life. These people in Ohio are nuts. It’s one thing to support McCain/Palin and not Obama/Biden, it’s a whole different thing when you verbally attack Obama by calling him a N@#$er and a terrorist.

I used to think growing up in Los Angeles was tough. I think I would rather have money taped on my naked body walking through Compton than to show up at one of these rallies. Their ignorance is unbelievable! it’s almost 2009 and they are still stuck in the 50’s. If they saw me, they might haul me off to build railroads for them.

One Response to “I Would Never Survive In Ohio”

  1. Just don’t go to Ohio and ask, “Where are the white women at?” and you’ll be fine.

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