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Victoria Adams Beckham Doesn’t Seem That Bad

Posted by mikenopolis on December 12, 2008

As much as I don’t seem like the type that does this, I’m really into reading and watching celebrity gossip, many of them are usually the biggest idiots of all, they fuel my sense of humor and anger. I was checking out some YouTube videos at work while a query was running on my other monitor and found this one…Oh my lord she speaks! And actually seems like a really nice person.  I know I’m not the only one that thinks that Victoria Beckham is robotic and acts like a total B*****, every time you see a picture of her she looks pissed off, the only time you hear her voice is when she’s singing. In this clip she actually is human… despite the 2 halved grapefruits her shirt.

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Is That Music In My Ear Or Is It Blood?

Posted by mikenopolis on December 10, 2008

Justin Yu of CNET’s “The 404” posted this link on twitter:

Apparently I underestimated the quantity of bad music out there when I ranted about M.I.A.’s Flying Planes “song” a few months ago. These kids calling themselves Brokencyde are obviously trying too hard to not look like the dweebs that they are, you know the ones that hang out in their parents’ basement kissing a bowl of jello (whoa flashback!).

Here’s my verdict on their musical abilities: The beat is somewhat catchy, they look like crap, their voices are over synthesized throughout the entire song. The lyrics are dumb and seriously does not match them (It’s like Mike Tyson, looks powerful, packs a hell of a punch, then he talks…).

Seriously boys, these types of songs (the sound, not the lyrics) should be left for The Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus or the likes. Brokencyde looks punk rock,  sounds pop. They talk about clubbing but doesn’t even look old enough to smoke. They talk about rollin’ on 20’s but probably drives their mom’s minivan.

So now I add Brokencyde to my list of “artists” I wish a violent death upon… okay, maybe going too far…God, please poke them in the eye with a stick or something for me.


Here are the lyrics:

Brokencyde – Freaxxx

I walk into the club looking kind of sexy now.
I see these shorties in the corner, they started making out.
They pull their panties down, they take their pants off.
Then they started getting freaky on the dance floor.
Shake it mommy give it to me like you need some love.
I got some bottles in the caddy that we can open up.
Let’s get drunk tonight, baby we don’t have to f***.
And bring your friend along, maybe we can have some fun.

Lets get freaky now, lets get f***ing freaky now. [x4]

I got these b****** all tipsy trying to sex me.
I know they want it, alcoholics are some sex freaks.
This ex and chronic gots me wanting to get messy.
So lets get messy girls, come on lets go get messy girls.

Come on b****, you know you want this.
That hardcore s*** will make you feel the toxic.
Versace, Rolex watches.
Bentley coupes with the 20’s droppin.
Convertible top, and the wheels spin.
I can taste that ice when my grill is in.
If you want me baby feel me in.
’cause I don’t waste my time with lesbians.

Lets get freaky now, lets get f***ing freaky now. [x4]

Liar! [x8]

Oh baby why did you have to lie to me.
I can’t play no more games.
These thoughts are slowly controlling me.
You’re turning off the flame.
So go baby go baby.
You don’t want me.
So go baby go baby.
Come and get me.
So go baby go baby.
You don’t want me.
So go baby go!
Come and get me.

Lets get freaky now, lets get f***ng freaky now. [x4]

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Last Gas Price Update Until…

Posted by mikenopolis on December 8, 2008

This will be my LAST post on gas prices unless it drops below $1.00.

I went to get gas this morning on my way to work…yes I use a lot of gas. It’s now at $1.69 and $1.89 at the Fountain Valley Costco!

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Bought Myself a Christmas Present!

Posted by mikenopolis on December 6, 2008

It’s a digital piano (DP). Ok, so it’s not really a Christmas present, I had two GuitarCenter 10% off coupons that expires Christmas Eve. I got tired of calling my tuner to re-tune my piano once or twice a year. I had wanted one of these for the past 15 years but their quality was never that good unless you pay a heck of a lot more. in the past 3 years, I’ve noticed that major improvements have been made to the “entry-level” DPs. This particular model was only $799 which is not bad considering that I have a $5,000 heavy Yamaha at home that needs to be tuned at least once a year for $75-$150.  I can’t wait to put it together when I move into the new house! They key weight is almost identical to a real one, they are a little softer, but for under $3,000 They usually are. I can finally “lower” the volume on a piano!

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Gas Prices Are Disappearing!

Posted by mikenopolis on December 6, 2008

I got gas yesterday at the Fountain Valley Costo….It’s now down to $1.73 & $1.93. Take that economy! Wait…I think this actually confirms that we are definitely in a recession right?

HAHA Erit! I beat your $1.79 hehehehe.

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