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Last Gas Price Update Until…

Posted by mikenopolis on December 8, 2008

This will be my LAST post on gas prices unless it drops below $1.00.

I went to get gas this morning on my way to work…yes I use a lot of gas. It’s now at $1.69 and $1.89 at the Fountain Valley Costco!

6 Responses to “Last Gas Price Update Until…”

  1. Erit said


  2. zico01 said

    you should live in the UK !! we are paying £0.88p PER LITRE !! found your blog on the randonm blog search, hope you do not mind me commenting, all the best, Gareth

    • mikenopolis said

      Is this calculation correct?

      According to today’s exchange rate that’s $1.30052 USD/Liter

      1 Liter = 0.2642 US Gallon
      3.785011 Liter = 1 US Gallon
      1.30052 * 3.785011 = 4.922483

      That’s $4.92 USD/GALLON

  3. zico01 said

    Yep correct. The tax we pay over here on the petrol, hikes the price hence the $4.92 per GALLON !!

  4. Erit said

    I filled up my jeep yesterday for $37.50! Thought you’d appreciate that ;)

  5. zico01 said

    eeerr, no not really

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