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“Happy New Year” WoopDeeFreakenDoo

Posted by mikenopolis on January 1, 2009

Because everyone says this every 12 months, I guess I’ll say “Happy New Year”. I’ve never been much of a celebration type of person, the last time I really celebrated my birthday was when I was 2. I graduated, woohoo, I got a job, yay. Bought another house, woohoo again. I’ve hated the existence of life for as long as I can remember, the only reason I do the things I do is to make it less painful. If I didn’t have the few people that depends on me financially and emotionally, I would seriously look into “the easy way out”. To me, life is not short, it is the longest, most painful thing I will have to endure. I do not feel happy about another year (or many years) of possibly losing my job due to the financial disaster that we call world. I do not appreciate paying more taxes because I got a promotion and a pay raise. I do not look forward to probably getting some sort of Cancer and dying a slow painful death like my father (never smoked or drank).

So to the rest of you, sure I’ll say “Happy New Year” but just think about all the negative things that are happening around us. Just because we change our calendars and have a new president, doesn’t mean we will be saved. I will not look into this new year with any hope of positive change because we have a long way to go. If you are one of those people with the “new year’s resolution” why did you wait until now to make a change? There’s no annual renewal, if you want to improve yourself, just do it, don’t wait.


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