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Just Who Are We Bailing Out?

Posted by mikenopolis on January 5, 2009

Companys are getting bailed out left and right. Here are some info on who Citi Group is helping out with their $700 Billion bailout…my old employer who has some SERIOUS character flaws. Personally I think he should be the last group of people to get this kind of “second chance”.

Google’s alert function informed me on a new news story about Daniel Sadek yesterday, apparently Citi Group has offered to modify the loan on one of his personal properties (65 Briar Lane Irvine, CA) in order to lower the monthly payments (which he has already defaulted on!).  Citi recently received $700 BILLION in government bailout and this is who they go help first? One of the head guys that started this whole sub-prime mess? I’m not saying that he doesn’t need help because he is in a lot of trouble these days, but there are people out there losing the only home they know and have, children and pets are being displaced into foster care and animal shelters because their parents have no means to care for them. Sadek has had plenty and still does.

[CLICK HERE] for the articles from the O.C. Register along with a few other things. Oh! I got curious and found out that Miguel Angel Vazquez (The one who stole $24,671.16 from QLF’s escrow company, Platinum Coast Escrow) WAS arrested and it looks like he had to pay restitution and served about 2 months in jail for it…What an idiot! What makes you think you can steal $24+ thousand dollars from your employer and not get caught…it’s one thing taking a candy bar from the company vending machine, this is a whole different catagory of stupid.

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