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Why Are There So Many Stupid People(eBay User)?

Posted by mikenopolis on January 27, 2009

So a little over a month ago (12/02/2009) I sold my portable DVD play on eBay because I never use it, maybe 4 times in the past 3 years. It was right before Christmas and bidding goes a bit high becuase of it. I sold it for $60.00, and I charged exact shipping cost. I got the player for $69.00+tax so this was something I didn’t make a profit on which I didn’t care for anyway.

so this is the timeline:

12/02/08 - POSTED
12/09/08 - SOLD
12/10/08 - PAID
12/11/08 - SENT VIA USPS PRIORITY (#420338819101150134711481XXXXXX)

I thought that was the end of the deal, guess what? I get a message from him on 1/22/09 saying that there was a problem,  that’s 43 days after I sent it out, assuming that USPS Priority takes 3 days, he’s had the thing for 40 freaken days, now he’s speaking up? I’m waiting to hear from eBay, this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. If eBay sides with him on this one, I’m done.

Here’s are the messages:

01/22/09 – BUYER

Dude, this DVD DIVX player keeps freezing up every 2-3 min. I there a setting or something?

01/23/09 – ME

Not that I know of, I really didn’t use it much, but never had a problem with playing back divx/avi files have you already tried other discs or files?

01/23/09 – BUYER

I just actually had time to pull it out and I tried to play 10 different divx about 10 and even regular dvd’s and got nothing. It’ll play for about 2 min. and then freeze up and then shut off.

01/23/09 – ME

I don’t know what’s going on, I played an entire movie (regular DVD) with it a few days before putting it up for sale. Have you tried contacting Philips support?

01/27/09 – BUYER

I had it checked out and it has a bad lazer. I really hope you didn’t sell me a dvd player knowing that it didn’t work. I’ve been buying/selling on ebay for a long time and I have NEVER sold anything that was described as “good condition” that was broke. To me thats like stealing someones money. I don’t mean too be this ugly about this situation but It came right out of the box you sent it in broke. I pulled it out of the box and plugged it in and it DID NOT WORK! When I first contacted you I was cool about this and I would of even paid too have it cleaned if needed, but a bad laser come on man it’ll cost me $100.00 to get that fixed. I need to know whether I’m able to get my money back. I really don’t want to report you to Ebay hopefully we can resolve this issue smoothly.

01/27/09 – ME

If you wish to take this up with eBay for a fair resolution, I’m more than happy to let you proceed. This item was sold on 12/9/08, you paid on 12/10/08, I sent it out on 12/11/08 (USPS Priority #420338819101150134711481XXXXXX) you should have rec’d it by 12/14/08. I get a message from you on 1/22/09, 40 days after you’ve received it telling me you have a problem. What does that tell MOST people? that YOU broke it.

Ok now that I’ve gotten through that. I’ve been using eBay since the year 2000 with 100% feedback, I’ve NEVER sold anything and not describe EXACTLY what it is and the condition it was in, I go into detail on every little issue. This DVD player was used a few times, I tested a movie out before posting and packing it. It was 100% working. I do not know if the shipping people broke it while shipping (during their 3 days) or you broke it (40 days ownership). but I am telling you that you have a very very small chance to getting a refund even if you report this to eBay.

And YES, I personally think this is a fault on your part. if you had contacted me a DAY OR TWO after you got it. We could have taken it up with the shipping people, but 40 days is out of the question, Even stores have a 30 day return policy!
My eBay return policy clearly states I’ll refund if the item is DOA (Dead On ARRIVAL), not 40 days after arrival.

If you have a better argument or explanation you’re more than welcome to message me for a possible partial refund, otherwise, I’ll wait for an eBay personnel to contact me.

Once again I did not sell and ship out a broken product. There’s always the possibility of the shipper tossing packages around too roughly, but in the end you are to blame for not telling anyone for so long.

***I’ll update this when I get a response***

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