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No Fat Chicks!

Posted by mikenopolis on February 2, 2009

Since I mentioned no talent assclowns (that’s from Office Space remember?) wearing Ugg is my last post. I thought this would be a great followup. If your feet don’t fit in your jeans, get bigger jeans, if your feet don’t fit in normal shoes don’t event think about putting on a pair of Uggs. Some people just don’t know how to put themselves together! I really have no problems with people who are a little heavier, I’m not exactly a model of health and fitness. At least take a good look in the mirror before you walk out! I’ve met and seen plenty of bigger girl and guys alike that are attractive.

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What I Drive and Why I Drive It

Posted by mikenopolis on February 2, 2009

I just got around to uploading the pictures from my phone to my computer and saw this picture I took, it was a rainy day about two months ago. I saw 4 Honda Elements parked there and HAD TO park mine there too for this great photo opportunity.¬† IKEA has always been one of my favorite stores (that’s where this picture was taken) I shoved 3 bookcases and two tables in my car and still had plenty of room. A few people were trying their best to tie things on their roof with twine

I’ve had my Element for a little over 2 years now and still love it, I had my doubts about getting this car because I still have to admit it’s pretty weird/ugly looking. But seriously, I didn’t get this monstrosity for it’s looks. I’ve been wanting to get a BMW 7 series¬† ever since I was 12, now that I can afford it, I can’t afford to give up my Element, plus it’s stupid to pay insurance on two cars. My justification is I can’t put three full size bikes standing up in a BMW now can I?

We recently got a new house and the move was a breeze with this. When I got the 50″ Plasma TV, we just lifted and pushed the entire box into the car and still had 3 seats. It’s a funny and sad sight seeing people throwing away the box in front of the store (which voids any possible returns) angling and trying to fit a TV into their trunk/backseat (warning to everyone, NEVER lay a PLASMA flat, the glass can break)… Gotta love the Element for their usefulness.

This post has been a little too positive for my personality. Since I’m on the car topic, I would just like to say that I HATE all those effing people driving their BMW 3 series and Mercedes C-Classes wearing big ass sunglasses and wearing Uggs with a tank top and a mini skirt, it’s one thing if you wear the Ugg when it’s cold, it’s looks plain stupid when it’s 80+ outside. I’m just everywhere today! Anyway my point is that a 3 series and C-Class screams poor, ghetto and stupid. My friend Jon notices F-Sticks (check out his post) a lot because he lives in the Inland Empire of California. I live in Orange County now (Denver, Colorado 0-8, Pasadena 9-17, Riverside 17-22, Irvine/Pasadena 22-now) where I see these…I wonder what are they called. You know people who work in mediocre places leasing a 3 series for $700/month because their credit is bad. Living in an small apartment with 6 people because they charge $2800/month, “But it’s all worth it because it’s “The OC” “. I guess I’ll call them Paris Hilton wannabes…but Hilton can actually make a living.

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